Recycling Incentive Program

Residential Recycling Incentive Program Which Rewards Residents for Their Recycling Efforts!

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Curbside Recycling

Easy recycling which benefits you and the environment!

Single-Stream Recycling

The days of sorting recyclables is over, put all your recyclables in one bin!

Recyclable Items

Learn what products are recyclables and what products are just not!

Corporate RecyclePerks

Click here to learn more information about RecyclePerks at work!

RecyclePerks is a recycling rewards incentive program which focuses on increasing involvement in communities across the nation. RecyclePerks aims to give something back to the residents and communities for making the world a greener place, as well as giving haulers and communities a greater advantage of recyclables. By encouraging households to recycle with the added incentive of RecyclePerks, more recyclables are collected, which reduces waste that is otherwise destined for landfills.